Welcome to the Digital Integra



I am using a 7" Touchscreen, SVGA, in-dash, manual LCD screen. It is put together from component parts by Digital WorldWide. This particular model, DWW-7VGA goes in and out of stock since he has to put each one together.

If you have a free DIN slot in your dash, the installation should go smoothly. If you have an Integra, good luck. I hacked away at my car and put the screen where my ashtray/cigarette lighter would normally go.


The motherboard for my carcomputer is the Via Epia CL. It is a Mini-ITX motherboard with onboard video, audio, and 4 USB 2.0 (with two more available as headers). It also has 4 serial port headers, although that isn't too useful for my car computer.


I have used a Casetronic C137 Mini-ITX case for my computer. It has two PCI slots which will be useful for future expansion. The case is mounted to the back of the rear seat.

RoyalTek GPS

I'm using the RoyalTek Sapphire GPS Mouse. It is a small (5cm) round GPS that fits discreetly in either the front or rear window.

Shutdown circuit

Just like your car stereo, we want the computer to start up and turn off when the car is started/stopped. The slightly-misnamed "shutdown" circuit handles this. When I turn on the car, the circuit provides power to the PC and signals to the computer. When I turn off the car, the circuit signals to the computer and waits for the system to shutdown. After a predetermined amount of time, it turns off the power to ensure the computer doesn't drain the battery.

DC/DC Adapter

This powersupply does a great job in the car. It rides through voltage drops (while starting the engine) flawlessly.

DVD Drive
I have a Lite-On 8x Slim DVD Optical Drive from a previous computer.

Since my goal is to have everything hidden away, I have gone with a touchscreen LCD as my primary input device. I have hardwired the Happy Hacking Lite 2 keyboard in to the USB hub in the front of the car. The keyboard itself is stored in the glove compartment.
While I don't yet have an internet connection to the computer, I have purchased a USB 802.11 device to allow me to setup an ad-hoc network in the vehicle. In the short term this allows me to easily upload content to the computer.