Welcome to the Digital Integra


Unfortunately, my car was stolen and gutted.
I've left this site up for historical purposes

I'm no longer sure why I decided to build my car computer. When I'm asked I say it was to have GPS navigation and an built-in mp3 player. In reality, I think the real answer is I'm a geek and this is what geeks do. :)

Project Status

Carputer status: [-----------------|--] (85%)

The system is up and running. MP3 and DVD playback are working using FrodoPlayer. GPS Navigation software (iGuidance) is now installed and working as an external application. I'm waiting for 1xEV-DO to be rolled out before I tackle Internet access.

Project Goals

I had some fairly concrete goals when I decided to build my system:
  • Features
    • GPS Navigation on par with OEM systems
    • Integration with the car audio for mp3s
    • Internet access for passengers
  • Interface
    • Easy and intuitive interface
    • Simple physical interface (ideally touchscreen)
  • Installation
    • Professional looking installation
    • Ability to hide the system from the casual observer
    • Seamless integration with the car power system
    • Easy to add/remove temporary devices (such as USB keychains)